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Large Hot Water Storage Tanks, Hot Water Buffer Tanks

Hot water storage tanks are reservoirs for storing water of up to 95°С. Also known as Hot water buffer tanks or Accumulator tanksThis equipmqnt is installed in the hot water supply system between the hot water producing units and its consumers. The necessary amount of hot water stored in hot water storage tanks helps level the hot water flowing, thus providing efficient work of the heating supply system.

Large hot water tank is, in effect, a vertical steel tank with some additional structural components (like rims protecting from failure). Hot water accumulator tanks are classified as a separate group of industrial constructions according to Regulations for safe maintenance of heating containers.

The sequence of industrial hot water storage tanks construction procedures consists of three stages: ordering the design, purchasing metal structures, ordering their installation.

Hot water storage tanks fabrication

We manufacture hot water tanks in workshop conditions by coiling and per-sheet methods. According to the coiling method, the wall and bottom strip panels are welded at the workshop and coiled on a special coiling machine.

Accumulator tank metal structures include steel walls, bottom and roof. Wall strip panels are manufactured belt-by-belt from sheet steel of various thickness up to 16 mm. The coiling machine allows using two-side automatic submerged-arc welding, which produces high quality joints and reduces production terms. Also, it guarantees the correct geometry of wall and bottom coils, absence of clearance gaps, deformations and other defects typical for metal structures coiled on the floor by hoisting.

Hot water storage tanks fabricationHot water storage tanks fabricationHot water storage tanks fabricationHot water storage tanks fabrication 

The per-sheet method means that the large hot water tank is delivered to the construction site in the form of metal structures: steel sheets with weld groove. Wall strip panels are rolled according to the project design radius.

We fabricate and supply hot water buffer tanks in set with heat insulation installation hardware and progressive collapse protection structures. These external reinforcing structures include binding (horizontal circular belts) and vertical reinforcing ribs. Binding is installed on accumulator tanks according to the project design at certain intervals, depending on extension force and trap doors and filler necks location.

Hot water tanks installation

After the metal structures of a hot water accumulator tank are manufactured, they should be assembled on the construction site and incorporated into a heating power plant. Installation of large hot water storage tanks is a successive combination of procedures that include development of a working plan, foundation construction, tank installation, its rustproof coating and heat insulation, and construction of bund walls around a tank group.

EuroTankWorks carries out all of these procedures, boasting the highly professional staff of welders and installation workers, specialized machinery, welding equipment of world leading brands, access to hazardous and highly hazardous production facilities. Our Construction and Assembly management will install a key-ready hot water accumulator tank anywhere in Russia and the CIS.

Hot water storage tank erection

Accumulator tanks installationAccumulator tanks installationAccumulator tanks installationAccumulator tanks installation


Large hot water storage tank anti-corrosion treatment

Hot water storage tanks anti-corrosion treatmentHot water storage tanks anti-corrosion treatmentHot water storage tanks anti-corrosion treatmentHot water storage tanks anti-corrosion treatment

We recommend applying complex rustproof coating for metal and aeration protection for water, based on the technology of floating seal liquid. Mixed protection based on the floating sealer and rustproof coating for metal surface can also be applied.

Cathodic protection system for metal is often used along with above-mentioned measures.

Insulated tanks for hot water storage

Hot water storage tanks insulationHot water storage tanks insulationHot water storage tanks insulationHot water storage tanks insulation

Hot water storage tanks must be insulated. For these purposes, quilted synthetic mineral fiber or mineral wool boards are often used. The insulated tank is covered on the outside by aluminum or zinc-plated steel sheets. The protective metal coat is arranged not less than 1 mm (for aluminum) and not less than 0.7 mm (for zinc-plated).

Hot water buffer tanks documentation

Ordering a key-ready hot water accumulator tank at EuroTankWorks, the Customer receives the full set of documents, which guarantees a problem–free start-up. The following documents should go with the hot water accumulator tank:

  • Production and detailed drawings;
  • Certificates for tank steel structures;
  • Bridging documents for deviations from drawings;
  • Hidden works examination acts;
  • Certificates for metal and other materials;
  • Geodetic measurements results;
  • Logs of erection work;
  • Test certificates of weld joints sealness and tank strength tests;
  • Inventory of welders’ certificates;
  • Finding of off test erection joints;
  • Inspection certificates of installed equipment;
  • Tank grounding connection plan and test certificate;
  • Tank foundation leveling plan;
  • Anticorrosive protection system certificates;
  • External reinforcing structures test certificate;
  • Tank certificate of acceptance.

Hot water storage tanksHot water storage tanksHot water storage tanks

Large Hot Water Storage Tanks, Hot Water Buffer Tanks
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