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Grain Silos

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EuroTankWorks carries out industrial manufacture of agricultural silos for grain / flour / food products on a turnkey basis or according to Customer's design.

A hopper-bottom metal silo for storage of grains are designed for storage of bulk grain crops and similar products for a short-term period. They are also used to form operational grain parties and for the accumulation of substandard grain before the cleaning and drying processes, as well as after them.

For a long-term storage, grain storage silos with a flat bottom are used.

Metal Grain Silos For Sale

Silo for storage of grains reliably protects the loaded grain from various atmospheric precipitation and other spoilage - for example, by birds and rodents. This equipment can be used in all weather conditions. The described grain silos are widely used in grain cleaning and grain drying systems, which are created at grain receiving, seed processing and grain processing enterprises, as well as elevators.

Metal grain storage silo is a ventilated tank made of steel in the form of a vertical cylinder, equipped with a roof and a bottom, as well as with special channels for ventilation of the storing product.

Most grain storage silos manufacturers equip their tanks with various systems of layer-by-layer temperature control of stored crops and active ventilation. The ventilation system controls the air flow.

Metal grain silo not only makes it possible to accumulate and store wet grain using ventilation and cooling the product, but also ensure minimal expenses and losses during this process.

Grain is taken into the silo, it is stored and unloaded, product samples are taken, its disinfection and low-temperature drying are carried out.

Stairs, upper and lower hatches are used for the most comfortable and easy maintenance, repair and cleaning of equipment and structures of the grain storage silo.

Grain Silo Design

Metal Grain Silo Roof

The roof of the metal grain silo is a complex spatial structure consisting of sectors in the form of a trapezoid, bolted through gaskets, as well as stiffeners. The height of the stiffeners is up to 200 mm. The roof sectors are made of galvanized steel.

Depending on the diameter, the agricultural silos can be equipped with a single-level, two-level and three-level roof. This allows the roof to withstand snow loads of up to 320 kg / m2.

On the roof of a silo for storage of grain, a loading device, an inspection hatch, a service ladder and a set of devices for thermal suspensions of the layer-by-layer temperature control system for the grain mass are installed. Air ducts are also provided on the roof, which are sometimes equipped with special fans.

Thanks to the special roof construction, precipitation and birds cannot get into the silo.

Grain Silo Shell

The shell of silo for storage of grains has the shape of a cylinder and is made of galvanized steel panels of a wavy profile. The panels are assembled on bolted joints with sealing polymer gaskets.

Air channels, a level sensor, and a ladder are mounted on the shell. Additional devices, for example, mechanisms for sampling a stored product from various levels, are installed if necessary.

Galvanized steel serves as the main material from which all panels of the agricultural silo shell are made. The thickness of the zinc coating varies from 18 to 40 microns.

The grain bin shell is reinforced with vertical stiffeners, which are installed on the outside. Often, two stiffeners are used on each panel, but in some models of grain bins, to increase the strength on one panel, stiffeners are mounted in three rows.

To form a reliable and durable joint, vertically located stiffeners are fastened with overlays that are identical in shape to the ribs themselves, or using special plates.

Short-Term Grain Storage Silo Cone Bottoms

Grain silo cone bottom assemblingMetal grain silo conical bottoms are mounted from trapezoidal steel sectors. The angle of the bottom is 45 °, 55 ° or 65 °, thereby creating optimal conditions for the gravity discharge of the stored grain product. Sectors on bolted connections with special sealing latches are fastened.

In the lower part of the conical bottom of the grain storage silo there is an unloading device made in the form of a rack and pinion valve.

In the upper part, the bottom cone is attached to the main support ring. This ring transfers the load from the weight of the metal structures and the weight of the stored grain to the vertical supports of the silo, based on a concrete foundation slab. Due to the appropriate calculation of the height of the supports, the grain is unloaded from the silo by gravity to the conveyors, which are installed under the valve, at the foundation level.

Active Grain Silo Ventilation System

The system of active ventilation of an agricultural silo includes air channels and one or more fans. The long-term grain storage silos are equipped with a bottom-aeration system. It is arranged within the concrete basement and covered with special perforated structures.

Also, to create active ventilation, roof and wall ducts are mounted. If necessary, then a heater or a refrigeration machine is connected to the fan.

Air supply of various temperatures (chilled, warmed up or ambient temperature) is used for ripening, cooling or preservation of grain by cold during storage.


In the assembly of metal grain silos, bolts and nuts with a special zinc protective coating are used. The bolts for connecting the roofing and bottom sectors, as well as the panels of the silo body are equipped with polymer sealing gaskets and special conical washers.

Along the perimeter of the silo in the joints of the vertical and horizontal joints, a special sealant is used made of material approved for use with food products.

The use of bolted joints provides reliable and quick assembly of metal structures at minimal cost and without damage to the corrosion-resistant coating.

Grain Silos
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