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Horizontal steel tank Vol.75m³ (HST-75)

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  • Our standard or individual design
  • Anti-corrosion coating selected for your product

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Horizontal steel tanks (HST) are part of the product line of our factory. They can be used in all industries for the storage of all kinds of liquids, including hazardous.

The HST- 75 tank is a shop-welded vessel with a storage volume of 75 cubic meters.

Our standard HST-75 tank characteristics

We offer you a standard tank HST- 75 of our design. 

We also can develop design drawings according to your specific requirements and fabricate a tank based on them.

A horizontal tank with a volume of 75 cubic meters can be made for above-ground and underground placement. In the drawings you can see their design features.

Depending on the chemical composition of the stored product, we will select the optimal internal anti-corrosion coating.

If necessary, we will produce HST-75 with thermal insulation.

Above-ground horizontal tank vol.75m³

Above-ground shop-welded tank, capacity 75 cubic metersDrawing - Above-ground shop-welded tank, capacity 75 cubic meters

Underground horizontal tank vol.75m³

Underground shop-welded tank, capacity 75 cubic metersDrawing - Underground shop-welded tank, capacity 75 cubic meters


Options for the HST-75 fabrication

Single-skinned / Double-skinned variant:

Horizontal tanks can be double-skinned (double-walled) and single skinned (single-walled).

As a rule, singe skinned tanks are used to store non-aggressive and environmentally friendly liquids. Double skinned tanks - for oil, oil products and hazardous chemical liquids.

In the course of production of a double-skinned tank the space between the walls is filled with either nitrogen or liquid material. The space is filled to its full volume and the tank is equipped with the system of hermetical pumpout.

Requirements for the filler liquid material:

  • Flash point not lower than 100°С;
  • Resistance to chemicals, used in tank scheme, and the stored product;
  • Mass density, exceeding that of the stored product;
  • Ability to keep properties at the external temperatures, which the tank is meant to be used at.

Single-section / Two-section / Multi-section variant:

All above-mentioned versions of horizontal tanks may be produced with either one or several sections. The sections are formed by special separating walls inside the body of the tank. Thus the horizontal tank becomes divided into two or more sections, meant for storing different types of materials. While producing two-section or multi-section tanks we guarantee the leak tightness of the sections.

Summary Characteristics:

The basic technical characteristics of EuroTankWorks horizontal steel 75 m ³ tanks in their various versions are to be seen in the table below:

Horizontal cylindrical steel tanks 75 m ³ ABOVE GROUND UNDERGROUND
  single-skinned tank double-skinned tank single-skinned tank double-skinned tank
Rated loading capacity, m³ 75,00 75,00 75,00 75,00
Diameter, m 3,21 3,24 3,21 3,24
Height on the supporting structures, m 3,58 3,61 3,58 3,61
Height on the supporting structures, maintenance shaft included, m     4,61 4,64
Length, m 10,52 10,55 10,52 10,55
Total proper weight, t 8,19 13,25 8,64 13,70
Number of supporting structures 3,00 3,00 3,00 3,00
Shell’s thickness, mm 5,00 5,00 5,00 5,00

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Horizontal steel tank Vol.75m³ (HST-75)
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