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Oil tanks

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EuroTankWorks offers turnkey steel storage tanks for oil and oil products of all possible designs.

Depending on the location, reservoirs for oil and oil products can be vertical or horizontal, underground or above ground.

Depending on the stored product, the tanks differ in material of manufacture, design and volume.

Tanks for storing flammable and combustible liquids arerse extremely critical structures, because the stored product is hazardous to the environment and explosive and fire hazardous. When planning the construction

of an oil tank, you should understand several key points:

  • a large number of legislative restrictions and requirements regarding the design of a tank for storing combustible and flammable liquids, its location at the enterprise relative to other facilities, equipping with various technological equipment, the availability of a complete set of documents, etc.;
  • tanks for oil and petroleum products will be closely monitored by regulatory authorities at all stages - from design to operation;
  • saving on the quality of storage tanks for flammable and combustible liquids is unacceptable. Product leakage, explosion or fire are huge risks and responsibilities, not comparable to the difference in price of a product designed, manufactured and installed by a professional specialized company or a one-day workshop.

When choosing a supplier of tanks for the storage of oil and oil products, we recommend analyzing how many years the company has been on the market, the experience of such work, the presence of its own production, and its equipment. It is also important that the company has its own design and engineering department and competence in the field of installation, anti-corrosion treatment, and thermal insulation of the tank.

In the process of selecting and calculating the capacity for oil products for the specifics of your technological process, we will collect and analyze a significant amount of initial data.

  • Storage volume and technology of operation. Basically, we will determine the type of tank - which will be technologically and economically optimal: install a horizontal shop-welded steel tank for oil, or build a vertical tank using a coiling or plate-by-plate method. The operating technology (filling / unloading cycles of oil product, storage temperature, receiving / dispensing capacity, etc.) also directly affects the design of the tank.
  • The chemical composition of the oil product stored in the tank, which affects almost everything - the grade and thickness of steel, location, design requirements, fire and environmental safety, anti-corrosion measures, operating conditions.
  • Characteristics of the installation site of a storage tank for oil and oil products. There are a lot of important factors: these are seismic and climatic loads on the reservoir and adjacent objects.

The set of requirements for its design, location, construction, measures to prevent and extinguish fires, etc., directly depends on the hazard class of the tank for oil and oil products.

Oil tanks
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