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Vertical Steel Tank Vol.3000 cbm (AST-3000)

  • Loading capacity: 3000m³
  • Diameter: 18,98m
  • Height: 12m
  • Net weight ≈ 87,9t
  • Coils: 2

A steel Above-ground storage tank of 3000 cubic meters (AST-3000) is designed to store various liquid products, including hazardous ones.

We offer you to fabricate the metal structures of the AST-3000 tank in our modern specialized workshop, deliver them to your construction site, assemble them and commission the tank.

For the proper storage of your product in the tank, we will select the optimal internal anti-corrosion coating.

On this page AST-3000 of our standard design is proposed. For each customer, the design of the tank is being finalized or a completely individual design is being made.

If this tank interests you, you can download, fill out and send us a Data sheet. Then we can do all the calculations and prepare for you a detailed commercial offer.

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AST-3000 of our standard design

On this page AST-3000 of our standard design is proposed. For each customer, the design of the tank is being finalized or a completely individual design is being made. 

Vertical Above-ground Storage Tank AST-3000Vertical Storage Tank AST-3000 with shaft ladder

The above-ground storage steel tank with a loading capacity 3000 m³ can be designed, fabricated and constructed using the plate-by-plate method, traditional for Europe and US. At the same time, our factory is equipped with a special coiling machine, so we can fabricate tanks using the coiling method, which is widely used in Russia and the CIS countries.


Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank parameters Unit of measure Rates
Overall dimensions    
Loading capacity (volume)  3 000
Diameter mm  18 980
Height mm  12 000
Number of coils (for coiling method) pcs 2
Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank wall    
Net weight of the wall kg 38 600
Number of rings of the wall pcs 8
Thickness of the upper ring mm 6
Thickness of the lower ring mm 8
Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank roof    
Net weight of the roof kg 22 795
Thickness of the roof decking mm  5
Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank bottom    
Net weight of the bottom kg 13 429
Thickness of the bottom mm  5/8
Net weight of other elements of vertical 3000 m³ steel tank    
Staircase  kg 1 190
Roof decks (catwalks)  kg 3 105
Manway plates and pup joints  kg 1 378
Constitutive framework elements  kg 1 709
Frames and packing  kg 5 700
Total net weight of vertical 3000 m³ steel tank kg 87 906

Corrosion allowance may be considered while working out the engineering design project if the longer operating period is anticipated, or aggressive fluids are meant to be stored in it


There are certain ways to optimize your order for a vertical 3000 m³ steel tank:

  • Look through the production versions of our vertical tanks.
  • Make your enquiries at the initial planning stages – to get free consultant advice, calculations, information materials from our specialists.
  • Save money and ensure quality – order everything from one contractor. We bear full responsibility for your tank from the planning stage to the star-up on turnkey basis. In this case we will be able to reduce material cost, make the delivery logistics cheaper, provide fast and quality installation of our metal frameworks and ensure perfect set of documents.
  • You can receive full information on engineering design, construction unique features, production technologies, installation and service for the vertical tanks on our web-site.

Basic construction elements of a vertical 3000 m³ steel tank

AST-3000: Storage Tank BottomAST-3000 Bottom

  • Type: flat steel bottom with annular plates.
  • Thickness: 5/8 mm.
  • Delivery from the workshop: in a coil or plate-by-plate.
  • Net weight: 13 429 kg.





AST-3000: Storage Tank ShellAST-3000 Shell

  • Type: closed cylinder.
  • Consists of 8 horizontal belts.
  • Thickness: 8-6 mm.
  • Delivery from the workshop: in a coil or plate-by-plate.
  • Net weight: 38 600 kg.




AST-3000: Storage Tank Shield RoofTank Roof

In tanks with a volume of 3000m³ roofs of various types can be used. The most common are frame conical roofs with decking and shield roofs.

A conical frame roof is used for vertical tanks with a volume of up to 5000m³. Such a roof consists of frame elements, a central ring and flooring plates.

The shield roof can also be used in AST-3000. So we call the roof, which is assembled of shop-welded segments (shields).



Internal Floating Roof for a Vertical 3000 m³ Steel Tank

The AST-3000 tank for storing easily evaporating (volatile) liquids can be equipped with an internal floating roof.

Evaporation resulting from small and large "breathing" of the tank leads to significant money losses, the quality of the product decreases and the environment deteriorates. An internal floating roof helps solve these problems effectively.

Most often, aluminum internal floating roofs of block or pontoon type are used.

The design of the block floating roof that we manufacture consists of sealed aluminum blocks with dimensions of 2.98x0.89x0.04 m. The blocks are filled with rigid polyurethane foam.

Pontoon floating roof is a disk with the diameter less than the tanks’ diameter by 0.4 m, mounted on cylindrical flotation pontoons . Pontoons provide buoyancy of the roof on the surface of the product. Immersion of the floats occurs only on ½ of their diameter, as a result of which free space is formed between the deck and the surface of the liquid. The space is filled with product evaporation. To prevent vapor leakage, the roof around the perimeter is equipped with a special elastic shutter.

Production versions of AST-3000

  • Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank fabricated by coiling / plate-by-plate method;
  • Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank with fixed / internal floating / external floating roof;
  • Vertical 3000 m³ single-skinned steel tank / steel tanks with protective shell;
  • Vertical 3000 m³ steel tank made of carbon steel / low alloy / stainless steel.

Your site-built storage tank volume of 3000 cubic meters turnkey

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Vertical Steel Tank Vol.3000 cbm (AST-3000)
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